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Practical Application (Or Four Times Dean Hated Someone Touching Cas And The Time He Did Something About It)

The day they met Kate Mason was the day Never To Be Talked About, according to Dean. Sometimes Sam insists they don’t talk about it because a girl saved their ass - he generally can’t feel his backside for three days after the wedgie Dean gives him.

The problem, Dean insists, is that the woman acts like she knows everything. The day in question, they’d been a little… tied up, and she busted down the door of the shed they were in and gave them a total ‘you are pathetic’ look. 

Granted, Dean had been tied to a pole, Sam was writhing on the ground with a broken leg, and Cas was nowhere to be found, but that wasn’t the point.

After a big, bad fist fight and some throat slashing, Sam was perched on the back of Baby while she-devil temporarily dressed his wound, and Dean was nursing his broken pride.

“You Winchesters aren’t as impressive as I was told.” She’d said, flicking her bright red hair over her shoulder and giving Dean a big, sarcastic grin. If she wasn’t a girl, he would have knocked her on her ass, but instead was about to give her an earful when Cas cut him off. 

"Oh, today’s quite off; they’ve been up for days and these demons have evaded numerous hunters. The Winchesters are actually incredibly impressive."

"Is that so?" She’d asked, and that’s where Dean’s life was kind of over. Cas had told some of their better stories (when had he started being such a fan of them?) and she soaked it all up, smirking the whole time. hen he’d finaly interjected that they needed to get Sammy to the hospital, Cas had insisted she come with them ‘because of Sam’s injury, Dean. He shouldn’t move for a while, and you’ll need help' and he'd been unable to disagree the moment Cas turned those bright blue eyes to puppy look. He'd get Sam back for that later. Kate stayed, and Dean steadily felt more and more like killing himself… or her.